Ask Spry… What To Wear?

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Hey Spry,

I am getting a new dress made for a party. Its Emerald green taffetta, just below the knee. I want to look elegant (its at a church) but still stylish with a little edge. I wish i could post a pic. So the question is what color shoes to wear?


Dear CLM,

Emerald green taffeta? Sounds really cute! Spring is your time to shine, and who better to teach how to blossom than Mother Nature herself. She has fun with color, and so should you.

When accessorizing, first ask yourself, “What family is this color in?” Your emerald green dress is a member of the jewel tones. Therefore, explore your options amongst its relatives. My favorite would be a bright purple or hot pink. Try these purple suede heels by Steven.

But don’t stop at the shoes. For a little more pizazz, select another color for your bag. Remember to keep it in the family. Look at this yellow patent leather clutch.

Good luck, and make sure you take pictures and send them to me so I can post them on the site!

Ask Spry… Need A New Look!

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Dear Spry,

Spry how can I change my “fashion sense” all together? I am very simple, plain and neat. I want to be a lil more edgy without going broke. HELP

Hey Iris,

Nowadays everyone is trying to pinch a penny. Lord knows I am. With the new season coming up, now is the perfect time to reinvent your look. Here are three helpful hints….

1. Start with bold accessories. Not sure where you are now with them, but it’s always a great beginning to a newer you! Try bigger earrings, bold necklaces or large cuffs. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box! Accessories can be fun and inexpensive. Just stay away from the 99 cent stores. LOL!

2. Splurge on shoes!!! I know, I know! You said you want to save money. So let’s just say “invest”! If you do have it in your budget, you should consider adding that one “statement piece”, for the season, to your footwear collection. Try getting a multi-colored shoe that you could rock with almost anything.

3. Color, print, texture, shimmer… Choose one (or two)! This can be done with jewelry, shoes or bags. You can also add these styles under other garments for layering. Once you’ve grown more comfortable, you can use these styles as outer layers. Just don’t do them all at once!

Good luck!

Spry Lee Scott